When you join us in the 'Energy Playground'  you will up-level your life with amazing high-frequency healing energy that is gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance! 

This simple five step self-healing success path will assist you in building a life of your dreams. Although this journey is so personal, is not something that you have to do alone! As a matter of fact we are all connected in such a deep way that we can be an incredible source of support and inspiration for each other. This is what this tribe is about and why we created the ‘Energy Playground’!  

Every month we will learn, practice and share new energy healing skills that will up-level our individual abilities and growth. When we align our hearts and engage with our amazing 'Tribers' it creates a connection that fuels courage and makes it easier to take that first step toward an empowered pathway that literally moves the mountains that seemed so unachievable. 



Stage Zero

When I am asleep I recognize problems in my life and I realize that I am not completely happy. I live unconsciously and confused about the solutions for my problems. I am not sure how to attain the true happiness and fulfillment in my life. I have been successful in my life in many areas but the base feeling is ‘Something is Missing”.

Stage One

I am awake and begin to think and feel there must be something to life other than just the physical world. I may or may not already know that there is more to myself through the senses: I am growing my knowledge and levels of understanding in the concept of myself as energy.

Stage Two

I Live from Oneness - My God Spark.  When I am in this stage I am aware of the greater connections to all life, and I practice palpating and engaging this connection consciously.

Stage Three

When I am in this stage I have coherence between my head and my heart, my chemistry actually changes in my body! When I am in this aligned space 'All Possibilities are My Gift'. 

Stage Four

When I am in this stage I have moments of clarity and a willingness to let go and take the risk of being my Divine Authentic Self. I have a conscious awareness of how to respond to a situation rather than just react. When I embrace my Shadows and my Light I have a perspective of clear choice. What do I choose to create?

Stage Five

I am inspired to take action and it is a 'Win for All'! I am an Empowered Being aligned with my Authentic Self: my Soul - my Spirit - my Divine Nature and I live in my Life Purpose. Power moves up and this is when inspiration moves through my empowerment center and I am compelled to take action toward my Authentic Life Purpose. 

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Up-level your life with amazing high-frequency energy and create a life that feels like your most inspired, connected and authentic YOU!   We will have fun as you grow to be a learner of yourself in this safe 'Energy Playground'.  Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires!