Do you have an area of your life that you would like to change?

Energy healing is the way to create the transformation you need.

Now is the time to claim the life of your dreams,
meet your goals, and move the needle in your life. 


If you are sensitive, frustrated, anxious, or lonely looking to feel better in your own skin while finding what's missing in your life, then you already know you need to do something different and make a change.

  • You know yourself better than anyone; the challenges, the pain, successes, and the celebrations.
  • You know when something is missing in your life but are not sure how to make a change that will give you the results you want.
  • You know when you are ready for something different in your life.
  • You know it supposed to be so much easier to create clarity and momentum if you could just find the right path.

One-to-One Energy Training is the path that brings ease to those areas where you have not been able to move forward. It is designed for people who are ready to make a change in their life.

I am excited to share the amazing potential you have within you as you master energy training and connect deeply to your authentic power and truth that enables you to break-through blocks to a new Authentically Awesome Life!


Energy training programs are specially tailored to meet your goals!

Manifesting Goals

How is it somethings that are easily attracted to us and others are more difficult? Learn where your blocks to your dreams lie and how to clear them so you can create the life you desire!

Spiritual Growth

Sometimes this world can seem disconnected, confusing, and lonely. Lean into your gifts and skills and make a connection with your most Authentic & Devine Self!

Serious Illness Support

Being sick and uncertain about our futures can be one of the most humble things we go through or witness another going through. Feel and receive the support, compassion and deep energy healing that meet you where you are now!

Panic & Anxiety

When the world we live in seems unsafe and uncertain we can experience what often is referred to the 'Dark Night of the Soul'. Come back home to the peace and power that lives within you and feel your empowered self rise up.

Weight Loss

There may not be a more confusing topic out there than what we need to be doing to lose weight and live healthy in our world today! Tap into your own inner wisdom and experience the grace of and ease of your own inner intelligence and move the needle on your goals!

Stress & Overwhelm

If there is one thing that can affect our lives today and cause many forms of dis-ease is not being able to read the signs on the 'Dashboard of Life'. Learn to relieve your stress and overwhelm and identify the signs before the discomfort appears in your life!

Armor Up for Sensitives

When you are feeling the un-ease of the world around you and are suffering from it you must learn skills to heal your mind-body-soul-spirit that will give you peace and protection. Increase your ability to keep up with the faster pace of our world and care for yourself and those around you.

Energy Maintenance

This world of unexpected outcomes calls us to stay balanced and strong so we can flow and move easily with the challenges we face. Feel the experience of a well-maintained and balanced energy system. 

By the end of this program, you will have…


  • A Fast-Track Path that Connects You to Your Authentic Power and Gets Results!

    No more waking up to stress and problems. It is your birthright to know the power that lives inside of you! Learn how it feels to ignite the inner fire you didn't know was inside of you! 

  • Gained Crystal Clarity on What Has Been Holding You Back in Your Life!

    Imagine you clearly see what is holding you back, the mystery has vanished.  You walk with new energy and ease, a new pep in your step!

  • Super-Hero Skills to Maneuver through Blocks like a Champion!

    Worry falls away. You can see challenges coming and pivot before they affect your life. You have an aura of confidence because you know the power you hold inside. 

  • Established Momentum that Gives You Ease on the Path to Your Dreams - Really!

    You have unloaded stress. You feel healthier and more alive in your life. The uplifting power you have access to even in the most challenging time is amazing and doesn't let you down.

  • A Path of Success that YOU have Proven Works in Your Life that Is Available to You Forever!

    Imagine what it is like to live with confidence and peace in your life. You are an inspiration to those around you and people look to you for that authenticity inside of you that no one else has. The stress and burdens have vanished and life is full of possibilities!!

"The expansiveness and the healing of the experience was beyond where I had ever gone before..."

"I can still feel it today after months since my experience with Kim and its something I always have access to! It's great for me to know I can always be in that feeling again, it's an incredible high-vibration memory. It was the most powerful experience I have ever had, it was so visceral! How cool is that?!

– Cynthia Haas

A mini-session is designed for us to connect and to see if it is the right fit for us to work together and to move the needle in your life. We will talk about what you want to improve in your life or where you are feeling stuck and talk about how energy healing can help.  Expect to gain insight on where to begin your energy healing journey. You do not need any previous experience or training, you will be able to ask questions as we gain a clear picture of your challenge (or the area of your life you would like to change or heal) and a vision for your healing path. l will answer any questions or concerns you have. Some of this insight might be on:

  • Energy Patterns and Blocks that are stopping you from moving forward in your life.

  • Getting a clear picture of where you are now and where you can go with energy healing in your life.

  • Identifying Your Goals and getting a clear vision of the results you want in your life.

  • Identifying challenges and pain points in your life that you need to overcome to get your results.

  • Make a connection. Get a feel of what it will be like to work together! 

A few things you might like to know about coaching...