Rainy Season and Beach

breathless adventure kim travel Oct 20, 2018

by Kim Damratowski

So yesterday it was only supposed to be 20% chance of rain so we threw our jet ski’s out on a beautiful sunny morning…Yay Us! Finally after a couple of weeks of nose to the grind with the construction projects we have going it is time for a little fun.

So we started up the ski’s and mine was running pretty rough.  They have been sitting for months (not sure I we have put them in since Maria last year) and it needs a tune up! The guy’s, Jorge & Juan, loaded up the dingy to run it a bit and we met over at Annie’s Place for a little drink and food. The day was still ahead of us so we decided to go and see how the waters were churning over by the lighthouse. It had some swells but not bad at all so we took it slow and headed for Playa Sucia (Dirty Beach).  Durning the Rainy season here it get’s ‘dirty’ with seaweed but it is still a common local spot for fun in the sun!

We made it with no problems and enjoyed a little sunshine before Jorge remembered he forgot to pick up the kitty from the vet. We are getting them spayed and neutered (there is a problem on the island with stray dogs and cats), doing our little part.

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