Hello & Welcome to Your Energy Playground!

Sep 28, 2020


I am so excited to share my passion for energy healing with you and help you learn and apply skills that can create ease and be a real change-maker in your life!

Have you sensed the energy of change in the air? We would have to be completely unconscious to miss the wind of change in the air this last year: in our families, towns, cities, nature - everywhere; expanded all the way out across the globe!

An important question is to ask ourselves: 'Is there something missing?' Do you feel drained, tired, moody, anxious, angry, sad, or confused about your life today? If you would like to change an area in your life, clear negative energy, or empower your goals you have absolutely come to the right place! 

Take a look around The Wellness Shop and join us in the next Group Healing Experience to see for yourself how the subtle world of energy can gently and compassionately change how you create and live! Even with our changing world, energy is still thriving around waiting to be harnessed. 

Opportunities await and I look forward to meeting you soon!


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