Eager Anticipation

breathless adventure kim travel Jul 22, 2019

by Kim Damratowski

We are counting down the days now before we head off to Spain to meet up with ‘Breathless’ our newly refitted motor sailer! Roland has been dreaming about this and ever so patiently waiting as we have weathered hurricane Irma when she was totaled after being knocked over in dry dock.

Almost 2 years, and a lot of money later, we have a beautiful boat and an amazing crew to greet us in Sitges, Spain this coming Tuesday morning! Last January on our trip to visit Capt. Fabrizio and our First Mate Claudia (his wife and a 100 ton Captain herself) we went out on a sea trial and had a fun experience and a bit of a tease as she still needed some final work before she could be cleared as seaworthy. As we eagerly await our final introduction to our new girl we thought we would share a little video of our past trip. 

Here’s to new beginnings!

Our visit during our boat refit in January 2019. We took the boat from Stiges, Spain to Port Ginesta, Spain to get the boat surveyed. The souls on board were Scottish, British, Spanish, Italian and American. Our Dutch friend was also with us but kindly drove over so we all had a ride home!

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