Change of Plans…Again!

breathless adventure roland travel Dec 19, 2019

by Roland Manarin

When Kim and I went to Spain in July, we expected to sail the Mediterranean for the rest of the year and be back in PR with the boat by December 2019. That didn’t happen as our former captain was not knowledgeable about large sailing yachts. The boat was in no way ready,  the Captain quit as the truth came to light.  The new crew is finishing refit of the boat…they just sailed her to Tunisia and back…she had to exit the EU for a day and then re enter the EU for another 18 month visa. So since we wouldn’t get back to the Carribean till late March, we decided to leave ‘Breathless’ in Europe and see the Mediterranean this coming year, and cross the Atlantic late November 2020.

Before I returned to Omaha in November, I got to take the boat out for it’s virgin sea trial. The experienced sailers were astounded how well this large pilot-housed motor sailer sailed! We were told by the “experts” that she probably won’t sail faster than 6KN, in a sea with 6 foot waves and an 18kn cross wind, we were sailing at 11KN without all the sails being up! Keep in mind she’s 60-65 tons! She was solid as a rock slicing through the waves with scorn! I’m in love with this big lovely lady.

So we’ll be returning to Sitges Spain at the end of January,  buy a ton of groceries and take off! First route will be to the islands east of Spain; Mahon, Palma, Ibiza.  Then south to Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Malta, Sicily, the east coast of Italy past Venice to Grado, from there rent a car and go visit our home (in the town of Fanna) at the base of the Dolomites for a while,  and then sail south down the Dalmatian coast to Split, Sarajevo, Montenegro and then Greece. Then we will sail our way to the Canary Islands for the late November Atlantic crossing. 

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